Tupelo Lime is the performance name for both GN Phillips,an alt-country Singer-Songwriter. Original Americana with tinges of psychedelia, blues and southern rock. It's country Jim, but not as you know it

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Tupelo lime is the writing and performing name for Gram “Nicholas” Phillips, and other musicians as come together to perform. Formed in Lowestoft, Suffolk in the winter of 2018 Tupelo Lime has quickly developed a following for a unique take on alternative country music. Tupelo Lime  writes and performs original material, a blend  of country music with touches of psychedelia, American roots, blues, rockabilly and southern rock to create a vibrant vision of life.  The music of Tupelo Lime is sometimes joyful, sometimes sad,  sometimes morbid and sometimes beaming, but always expressing the view that music is love and love is life.

UPcoming gigs

Wednesday Feb 19 Sweffling White Horse, suffolk

 Tuesday March 31 Drill Hall, Beccles

April 7, The Brickmakers, Norwich

April 24, Lake Lothing Pub, Lowestoft

Sat. June 13. Mischiefs MCC, Diss


Logos for posters etc

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 Logos are available as  re-sizable Vectors, or as PDFs, please   contact Tupelo Lime                  ( below) with your requirements

What do we need to perform at your venue?

Not Much :)…….depending on who is playing,  at maximum we are one acoustic guitar, one electric guitar and one bass.

  • Acoustic guitars  plug straight into PA system via pedal boards. We have DI boxes for longer runs
  • One electric guitar and electric bass need amps, the other electric runs straight to PA via amp modelling box. We can supply our own  amps or use your backline
  • Mics, we provide our own mics, we can use your mic stands or provide our own
  •  Pedal boards need on stage power or esxtension cords
  •  We can supply our own PA system if needed: we have both a 300watt system for smaller venues and a 1500 watt system for larger venues. We can also provide onstage monitoring if needed

**How can you contact Tupelo Lime?**

The fastest way is through messenger on Facebook… this link takes you there @tupelolime  ….. or you can fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you very quickly